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Chiharu's writing journey. Previous/longer works on ao3. Please do not translate any of my works without permission.
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[HQ] YamaTsukki, G. Genderswap. Everything's the same, only Haikyuu!! is about Karasuno's women's volleyball team and all the main characters are girls

[Yowapeda] Teshima/Kimi, G. AU where Sohoku's cycling team is co-ed and Miki VERY OBVIOUSLY is going to succeed Teshima as captain

[KnB] Nijihimu, G. The Little Mermaid AU where Nijimura tenderly strokes the handsome face of Himuro's statue underwater

[Yowapeda] Imanaru, G. Genderswap. Imanaru as girls, you can decide whether everyone else is cisswapped too or not.

[Yowpeda] Imanaru, G. Imanaru as animal boys that poor Miki has to look after, give her strenght.

[Tenipuri, Yowapeda] Aya + An, G. It's not a Tachibana family gathering until someone gets concussed by a tennis ball

[Yowapeda, Ygo AU] Imanarusaka, G. Onoda just has to believe in the heart of the cards to win and everyone’s getting pretty tired of all this nonsense

[Yowapeda, Naruto AU] Imanaru, T. An au where Naruko is Naruto and Iwaizumi is Sasuke, rivals until the end

[KnB] Momoi/Kuroko, G. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun AU

[HQ] Kunimi/Kindaichi/Kageyama, G. Post-canon college au where kageyama and kindaichi end up joining the same university and volley team

[HQ] Kunimi/Kindaichi, G. Konbini au, or, "it's already bad enough i'm working the graveyard shift at this twenty-four hr convenience store but this guy has been crying in front of the fridges for thirty-eight minutes now and i'm not sure if i should be calling the police or offering him some hot oden" au

[HQ] Kunimi/Kindaichi, T. Bodyguard AU.

[YoI] Guanghong/Leo, T. Leo's honeypot mission goes wrong.

[HQ] Yachi, T. Actor AU where Kageyama and Oikawa are costars, and Yachi becomes obsessed with collecting their photobooks

[HQ] Nijimura/Akashi/Mayuzumi, T. roommates au, as in "If you hear your housemate having loud sex, a cool thing to do is kick down the door and shout 'PLAYER 3 HAS ENTERED THE GAME.'"

[HQ] Kiyoyachi, Graphics. Kiyoko is the knight that accompanies the sheltered Princess Yachi on her journey to learn more about the world.

[HQ] Kiyoyachi, Graphics. Yachi and Kiyoko are members of Karasuno girl's volleyball team.

[HQ] Kiyoyachi, Graphics. The classic "wrong number texts" au where yachi panic texts not her mom, but a beautiful stranger

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Toudou is an actual Mountain God and Manami is his angel.

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Ann Landers AU where Toudou is an advice columnist/blogger and Manami is way too good at sending in trolly questions

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Manami comes to apprentice at one of the most respected fashion houses in the world under toudou jinpachi himself.

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Florist/tattoo parlor AU.

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Manami really is an angel. Magic practitioner Toudou has some questions, but manami just wants to play.

[Yowapeda] Manami/Toudou, Graphics. Manami and Toudou are just two popstars trying to make it in the world.

[KnB] MomoRiko, Graphics. Momoi is a makeup artist and deems Riko in desperate need of a makeover.

[KnB] MomoRiko, Graphics. "my a/c broke down and my super sent you to fix the unit, but my god you're attractive" au

[KnB] MomoRiko, Graphics. AU where the girls go to a same school.

[KnB] MomoRiko, Graphics. Mr. & Mrs. Smith AU, except its Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

[KnB, Ywpd, HQ, Free!] Graphics. ROLLER DERBY TEAM

[Yowapeda] Aya/Miki, Graphics. hogwarts au

[Yowapeda] Miyahara/Miki, Graphics. AU where Miyahara is the manager of Hakogaku bicycle racing club and she and Miki end up meeting at the InterHigh

[Yowapeda] Miyahara/Miki, Graphics. AU wherein Miki and Miyahara were childhood best friends and neighbors.

[Yowapeda] Miyahara/Miki, Graphics. Miki is the only barista in the entire place who knows Miyahara's name


[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, T. Genderbent. "My breasts are not fake!"

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. ikemen auction

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. "I wanted you to have something nice."

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. you can't fix all your problems by mind-crushing people!

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. the following cartoon is based on real events.

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. it's like something out of h. p. lovecraft only gay.

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. Genderswap. i can't believe what i'm seeing! a giant rock! it's a rock and it's giant!

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. it looks like the rules (puts on a pair of sunglasses) just got screwed!

[Yowapeda] Imaizumi/Naruko, G. your mother plays card games in hell.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Speed Dating.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Amicable Exes.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Kissing Booth.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Drunk Vegas Wedding.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Accidental Proposal.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. grand romantic gesture.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, T. bachelor auction.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, T. love informant.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, T. allergic to love.

[YOI] Guanghong/Leo, G. When I see an elephant fly.

[HQ] Graphics. Cardcaptor Tobio.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. We are canceling the apocalypse!

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. We're not in Kansas anymore.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. How am I not myself?

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. The world is crazier than you are.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. There can be only one.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. And this one time? At basketball camp?

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. You're gonna crash like thunder.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. Go ahead - make my day.

[KnB] Nijimura/Akashi, G. Graphics Fill. You're my night in shining armor.
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♠️  Kindaichi/Kunimi. Haikyuu! Remember when their old high school volleyball team hijacked their wedding? no tags, 1523 words , G

 Nijimura/ Himuro. KnB. Remember when nijimura was a single dad and he brought his young kid to work, and then a few moments later his kid was nowhere to be found? no tags,  G, 745 words

♠️ Miyahara/Miki. Yowapedal. Remember when Miki offered a cute girl free bike repairs just to see her again? no tags, cosplay, G

♠️ Nijimura/ Akashi. KnB. Remember when Nijimura woke up in an alternate universe where he and Akashi were dating and freaked out? no tags, 2081 words, G
♠️ Midorima & Oikawa & Iwaizumi. KnB, Haikyuu! Remember when Midorima was doing his rotation in orthopedics and Oikawa was one of his patients? tag for sports injury, 1337 words, G

♠️ Midorima & Akashi. KnB. Remember when Akashi finally came down from Mt. Silver and Midorima was waiting for him in Viridian City? no tags, 823 words, G

♠️ Arakita/Fukutomi. Yowapedal. Remember when Fukutomi and Arakita entered Turtle in a turtle race and Arakita gambled all their money away? no tags, 733 words, G

♠️ Rin/Sousuke. Free! Remember when Rin, while aware that Gou was up to something sneaky, noticed that Sosuke isn't exactly human? No tags, 1545 words, G

♠️ Oikawa/Iwaizumi. Haikyuu! Remember when Oikawa wanted this really ugly, really expensive alien figure and none of them could deny him anything? no tags, 1046 words, G

♠️ Takao & Himuro. KnB. Remember when Takao dragged Himuro into his hunt for Midorima's lucky item? no tags, photo fill, G 

♠️ Aya/Miki. Yowapedal. Remember that time Aya got pulled into a painting by a mischievous witch? no tags, photo fill, G

♠️ Miki/ Miyahara. Yowapedal. Remember when Miyahara temp-ed at the local friendly supervillain agency? no tags, photo fill, G

♠️ Kunimi & Kindaichi. Haikyuu! Remember when Kindaichi was crying too hard to talk properly so Kunimi had to speak for him? genderswap, photo fill, G

♠️ Aya/ Miki. Yowamedal. Remember that time Miki stole Aya away on the back of her bike while Aya was on the way to the baseball field? no tags, photo fill, G

♠️ Miki/ Miyahara. Yowapedal. Remember that time when Miki and Miyahara met at the interhigh? no tags, photo fill, G

♠️ Momoi/Kuroko. KnB. Remember when you finally let go and I realized how much I never wanted you to? no tags, 898 words, G

♠️ Akiteru/Saeko. Haikyuu. Remember when Akiteru finally went to one of Kei's games, cheering along with the others supporters and kissed Saeko in the spur of the moment when their brother's team won? no tags, 500 words, G.

♠️ Iwaizumi & Tsukishima. Haikyuu. Remember when Iwaizumi and Tsukishima bonded over their common love for dinosaurs? 451 words, no tags, G

♠️ Kunimi/Kindaichi. Haikyuu. Remember when Kunimi bought a tube of lipstick as part of Kindaichi's birthday surprise ? 1400 words, genderswap, T.

♠️ Nariko/Imaizumi. Yowapedal. Remember when Naruko wanted to become the Hokage? 433 words, references to violence, T. 

♠️ Kageyama/ Hinata & Yachi & Yamaguchi & Tsukishima. Haikyuu. Remember when the four of them all got up to some shoujo activities? 1535 words, no tags, G.

♠️ Kageyama/Oikawa.  Haikyuu. Remember when I looked up to you? 410 words, references to sex, T.

♠️ Kageyama/Oikawa. Haikyuu. Remember when Kageyama and Oikawa went on an aquarium date? 450 words, no tags, G.

♠️ Nishinoya. Remember when tanaka got sick and nishinoya nursed him back to health?? Photo fill, genderswap, G.

♠️ Sugawara & Gou. HQ, Free! Remember when we sat next to each other in the library and your little sibling interrupted (startled) both of our studying when they screamed "KOU-CHAN (Suga), I AM HUNGRY!" and we both responded? Photo fill, G



♠️ Arakita & Toudou, Yowapedal.  "Tch, I'll show you how to take a selfie." Genderbending, G, 4 photos

♠️ Arakita/Fukutomi, Yowapeda. G, genderbending, 2 photos

♠️ Arakita/Fukutomi, Yowapeda. G, genderbending, 2 photos

♠️ Akashi/Nijimura, KnB. "It's not everyday that the King of Rakuzan sends someone here to retrieve the prince." 1306 words, no tags, G

♠️ Tsukishima/Kageyama, HQ. "Making me come out to this shitty party, forcing me to interact with people I already spend hours with every day, and then trying to tell me what to do. Oh, King, what other knowledge can you bestow on me-" no tags, 1083 words, T

♠️ Manami & Miyahara, Yowapedal. "You're supposed to give buttons to girls, Sangaku-kun." 511 words, G, no tags

♠️ Teshima/ Aoyagi, Yowapedal. "The entire academy has a crush on you." G, 436 words, no tags

♠️ Imaizumi/Kanzaki, Yowapedal. "People are going to assume we're dating if I go with you to every team-mandated event, Imaizumi-kun." 688 words, G, no tags

♠️ Oikawa & Iwaizumi & Hanamaki & Matsukawa, HQ. "And cut down on the High School Musical references, damn it. It's not even the right sport." G, 537 words, no tags

♠️ Tsukishima/Terushima, HQ. "You looked really good with those sports goggles." T, references to sex, 514 words

♠️ Tsukishima/Yachi, HQ. "Next time someone bothers you, you can tell them I'm your boyfriend."  G, 803 words, no tags

♠️ Kageyama/Tsukishima, HQ. "You're lying! How do you know how Kageyama feels? Can you read minds?" no tags, 493 words, G

♠️ Makishima & Imaizumi, Yowapedal. "Do you want to look ridiculous while representing Team Japan at the Tour de France reception?" Bad fashion, potential spoilers for the manga,426 words, G

♠️ Yaku/Lev, HQ. "Sex is not like volleyball." T, references to sex, 510 words, T

♠️ Riko/ Momoi, KnB. "Save your tears for romantic movies, Nigou, and Aomine's NBA draft." G, 446 words, no tags

♠️ Kageyama/ Yachi, HQ. "I know this is your first goukon, but don't be shy, Hitoka-chan! The two of you should head off if you want to spend time alone. I'll cover for you!" G, 510 words, no tags

♠️ Momotarou/Gou, Free! "Maybe if Rin-senpai really opposes, we can elope somewhere cool, like Africa?" no tags, 490 words, G

♠️ Yui & Kiyoko & Yachi, HQ.  "Would you like to come watch us play volleyball? We've been practicing with the boys' club and our line up this year is the best it has ever been." G, 464 words, no tags

♠️ Nijimura/Himuro, KnB. "Am I annoying? The attendant at the station called me handsome. Maybe I should just ask for directions? Oh, I see a man with an arm sleeve of tattoos. Maybe I should ask hi-" G, 483 words, no tags

♠️ Kindaichi/Kunimi, HQ. "I'll be in your debt again. Please take care of me."  G, 424 words, no tags 

BR 3

Kindaichi/Kunimi, 4 photos, T, references to sex. " You said you wanted to try, right?"

Kagami & Himuro, 1091 words, G, pokemon au. "Please take care of them, I'm counting on you both!"

♠️  Yamaguchi & Yachi, G, 2 photos, no tags. "These reminded me of you, I hope you like it..." 

♠️  Nishinoya & Tsukishima, G, 2 photos, no tags. "You totally left these at my place!"

♠️  Oikawa/Iwaizumi, G, 3 photos, no tags. "For those nights when you miss me (but I know it's every night :D)"

♠️   Kunimi/Kindaichi, 2 photos, no tags, G. "Happy White Day, Kunimi-kun"

♠️  Makoto & Haru, 2 photos, no tags, G. "PLEASE DON'T STRIP OUT OF THIS, HARU-CHAN"

♠️  Fukutomi Juichi & Arakita Yasutomo & Shinkai Hayato, 1 photo, no tags, G. "We're strong"

♠️  Nishinoya ???, T, cross dressing, 3 photos. "Hope this is less embarrassing, little brother!"

♠️  Nozomi/Nico, no tags, 2 images, G. "Now you can stop by whenever you want♥︎"

♠️ Iwaizumi & Seijou, 503 words, genderbending & mentions of blood, G. "Well, shit," Iwaizumi says. "Is everyone on their period right now?"

♠️  Tsukishima & Yamaguchi & Yachi, G, no tags, 2 photos. "Dear Mr. Tsukishima, we are pleased to inform you that..."

♠️  Manami & Miyahara, 2 photos, no tags, G. "For when you get out of the hospital. Because you will."

♠️  Kuroko / Akashi & Kagami, G, Harry Potter!AU, 592 words. "Kuroko has only seen Akashi's invisibility cloak twice, when they used to meet in the library past curfew."

♠️  Tachibana Aya & Tachibana An, G, no tags, 544 words. "Can't I come visit my favorite cousin?"

♠️  Kise/Kasamatsu, G, no tags, 1 photos. "You know where it goes to."

Kise, cosplay fill, 1 photo, G. "Saw this while we were out, thought it would suit you."

Kise, cosplay fill, 1 photo, G. "because we all need to chill "

Kise, cosplay fill, 2 photos, G. "eye love you too."

♠️  Kise/Kuroko, 1 photo, cosplay fill, G. "Apparently these are meant to be good for drawing wings. I like when you do that."

♠️  Yachi, 1 photo, cosplay fill, no tags, G. "I want to keep the child."

Yachi, 2 photos, cosplay fill, no tags, G. "We saw this while we were out shopping and thought you would like it!"

Yachi, 4 photos, cosplay fill, no tags, G. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Yachi, 2 photos, cosplay fill, no tags, G. "Being a Manager ... you'll get to experience a lot of different feelings, good and bad, thought you could discharge all of that into something you'll be happy to look back at and be proud of."

♠️ Hakogaku, G, 3 photos, no tags, G. "Win or lose, Hakogaku is still No. 1 in my heart"

♠️  Nishinoya, 4 photos, no tags, G. "This is what you get for calling me small"

♠️  Kuroo/Kenma, 1 photo, no tags, G. "Look, I'm an artist now!"

♠️  Akashi & Mayuzumi, Child/physical abuse, blood, body horror, Kuroshitsuji!AU, 630 words, T. "I've found a better use for you."

♠️  Mayuzumi/ Akashi, G, no tags, 530 words. "From my personal collection. Enjoy."

♠️ Manami/Miyahara, G, 1070 words, no tags. "congrats on your promotion"

♠️ Imaizumi/Naruko, G, 458 words, no tags. "LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!!!!!!!"

♠️  Yachi & Hinata & Kageyama & Tsukishima & Yamaguchi & Kiyoko, G, 565 words, no tags. "These are your bayards, the traditional weapons of the Paladins of Voltron. Please report to the training deck at 0600 hours tomorrow morning."

♠️  Mikoshiba Momtarou & Iwaizumi Hajime & Oikawa Tooru, G, no tags, 538 words. "Look at Pyunsuke!!! He's growing up so fast!"

♠️  Tsukishima/Hinata, no tags, 628 words, G. "If you can't tell me what these books are about when we meet for the revision session you so kindly begged me for, I'll skin you alive."

♠️  Kagami/Himuro, no tags, 439 words, G. "You should have called me. You know I'd always have your back in a fight."